Please call us at +65 65898828 for enquiries, or book an appointment with us. (click here). You will need your personal identification documents (IC or passport) to register.

Your Safe Deposit Box is stored in a manless steel reinforced concrete vault, with round the clock surveillance.

Private Vault, Automated Safe deposit Box, Secure StorageOn your request, via a multi layered access control system, your Box will be brought to you via the robot to a secure private room.

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The minimum storage period is 1 month.
We have monthly, yearly payment plans. You can choose what suits your requirement best.

In a typical manual safe deposit system, your identification is usually verified by a staff and you will will be escorted to your box in a room or a vault with hundreds or thousands of boxes by the security personnel.

Your Box is retrieved by using your own key and staff's key.

You then bring your Safe Deposit Box to a private room to access your items.

STARVAULT's automated safe deposit box service brings your Box to a secure private room at your request via a multi layer access control system using biometric scans, card access, pin and finally a physical key.

STARVAULT uses a professional gas suppression system in the vault to protect the safe deposit boxes from fire.

In unlikely event of fire, the assets in the safe deposit boxes will not be damaged by water.

As there are no fire sprinkler pipes or water pipes in the vault, there is also no risk of water damage.

Professional fire protection system
Currently, STARVAULT does not provide insurance for the items stored. The  main reason is what you store inside is private and confidential and we cannot provide insurance for unknown items.

However, you can get your own insurance for the items stored in the Safe Deposit Box.

Please refer to our pricing plans on our website :

We have different payment plans :
monthly, 1 year prepay and 3 years prepay plans.

The minimum storage is 1 month stay, after which you can move out any time with 7 days notice.

Do try and make an appointment with us to help us serve you better.
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A safe deposit box is where you can store your valuables, items of sentimental value, important documents, such as :

  • Precious metals, coins and bullions not exceeding 25kg in weight.
  • Important documents such as birth certs, title deeds, marriage certs  etc
  • Digital storage such as USB files or external hard drives  containing important documents
  • Items of great sentimental value such as photos, a class ring, heirlooms etc
  • Original Wills, living trust documents, Power of attorney etc.
STARVAULT is a brand under BOXPARK Pte Ltd.

BOXPARK Pte Ltd is a 100% Singapore company, therefore we fall exclusively under the jurisdiction of Singapore. Hence we have no obligations to any international request or demand, unless directly ordered by the Singapore authorities.

As to Singapore's ability to safeguard its Sovereignty and National Interest, below is a link that list some example to show Singapore's firm, unyielding stance with regards to its sovereignty.  

One of the many incidents listed is the Caning of Michael Fay.
In 1993, an American teenager Michael Fay was arrested in Singapore for multiple acts of vandalism and mischief, and the possession of stolen items. In 1994, Fay was sentenced to four months' jail, a fine and six strokes of the cane.

The Clinton administration tried to press the Singapore Government to commute the caning sentence. The US also voted against Singapore's bid to host the inaugural World Trade Organisation Ministerial Conference in Dec 1996.

Despite the external pressure, Singapore stood its ground, preserved its sovereign right to uphold its rule of law, and meted out the caning sentence to Fay.
We are located at BOXPARK building at 506 Chai Chee Lane #01-02.

The building is located on high grounds, 29 meters above water level.( The Vault is located on Level 1 just next to the passenger lift.

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Every single step of the operating procedure at Starvault is carefully crafted and thought through to ensure your security and the security of your assets. 

The Safe Deposit Boxes are stored in a custom built steel plates reinforced concrete vault and is off limits to all staff and customers.
The Vault is monitored 24 hours by CCTV and security guard services. CCTV system triggers the alarm instantaneously on unauthorised human intrusions, allowing for quick response to any unlikely intrusions. 
The entire building is monitored by round the clock CCTV.

Your Box is brought to you by a robot to a secure, private room via a multi layered access system which includes biometric scans, card access, pin codes and a physical key.

automated safe deposit box service

Critical user information and access can only be changed with your phone or email OTP verification, ensuring that nobody can add a user to your Box or change your access without your knowledge and verification.
The STARVAULT Automated Safe Deposit Box System is a result of a collaboration between STARVAULT and Gunnebo Group, a global leader in security solutions. Gunnebo is a world leader in the design and installation of deposit box systems for banks and private operators at various locations throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

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