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Premium Automated Safe Deposit Service


Custom Built For Security

The boxes are housed in a hyper secure vault.
Round the clock artificial intelligence surveillance ensures instantaneous alerts.
A gas suppression system inside the vault protects against fire.
Multi-layered access controls and OTP verification system ensures the identity of the user.


The Vault is sealed and monitored round the clock by artificial intelligence surveillance and security guards. Starvault is located just 3 minutes away from the police station, ensuring fast response to alarms.

A double steel plate reinforced concrete vault with a 700kg vault door secures the boxes and your belongings.

Physical Security

Together, they ensure instantaneous alerts to intrusion threats. At the same time, Starvault is house in its own building. Security is thus planned and managed not only in the vault, but in the entire building premises.

Artificial intelligence
surveillance is layered with round the clock security guard services.


State of the Art Surveillance

Access to the vault requires a rigorous identification process, including biometric and card access controls, pin codes, and physical keys. We take every step to ensure that you alone and your appointed representative can access your box and belongings. OTP verification is required for any change of user information and terms of agreement.

Ensuring your Identity.

Technology Governance

A gas suppression system is used inside the vault for fire protection. This ensures that in the rare event of fire, there will not be any water damage to the contents in the boxes.

Protect against fire and water damage.

Professional Fire Protection

24 hours access to the boxes.


Convenient Access

You access the vault by a multi layered access control system. The box is brought to you in the privacy of the secure room via a robot.

Automated safe deposit box service.

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