Automated Safe Deposit Box 
in Singapore

Rent a High-Security Storage for Your Assets

With our automated, multi-layer access control:
Step 1: Use our biometric facial scan to access our facilities
Step 2: Enter a private secure room using an access card
Step 3: Retrieve your box with your access card, PIN code, and fingerprint verification
Step 4: Open your box with a unique physical key

Flexible Contract

Our contract for safe deposit boxes is flexible; stay as short or as long as you wish with minimum period of 1 month. This private safe deposit service is suitable for both short-term and long-term storage needs at affordable rates.

State of the Art Surveillance and Alarm System

Our safe deposit vault is monitored round-the-clock by state-of-the-art surveillance, alarm system and security guard. In addition, STARVAULT is just 3 minutes away from the police station, ensuring fast response to alarms at our safe storage.

Professional Fire Protection

A gas suppression system is used inside our safe deposit vault for fire protection. Protect your valuables from fire and water damage when using our highly secure vault services.

Technology Governance

A secure access to your valuables and safe deposit box is our utmost priority. Our vault has a multi-layered access control system and OTP verification for any change in user information. This is for additional security and strict confidentiality of your valuables.

Physical Security

The safe deposit boxes are stored in a custom built steel reinforced concrete vault. Store your valuables with confidence in our high security storage vault.

Absolute Privacy

Your storage unit is well-guarded in a secure, private room, which has a multi-layered access system that includes biometric scans, card access, PIN code access, and a physical key.

Convenient Access

You will never know when you would like to be granted access to your valuables that are secured at our vault. Our safety deposit vault is open all year round, 24/7 so it is easily accessible for you.

Air Conditioned 24-Hours

The safe deposit vault is serviced by air conditioning round-the-clock. There are 2 sets of AC systems installed for redundancy to ensure that your valuable items are stored at optimal condition at all times.

Private gold storage just for you. Store your physical precious metals, as well as investments-grade gold bullion and collectible coins at our ulta-secure storage facilities. We recommend storing gold here as better insurance against theft and fires.
If you're currently renting your home, external safe deposit box services are the best solution. Store your important documents, valuable jewellery, and sentimental items in our self-storage facility. We have small and medium safe deposit box sizes to match your needs.
If you’re currently undergoing home renovations, or intend to move out of Singapore temporarily, we recommend you and your family to rent a safe deposit box for your more valuable items and important documents.
The safe deposit boxes are stored in a custom built steel reinforced concrete vault instead of a typical brick or partition storage room.

To minimize risk of theft, the vault is sealed and no staff nor customers has access to vault and boxes. There is no human loitering near your safe deposit box.

Only on your request via a multilayered access control system, using a access card, pin code, finger print verification, the robot retrieves your safe deposit box and brings it to you in a private and secure room.

Hadi Zian

At Starvault, we found the perfect place to safeguard our precious belongings, including gold, jewelry, and sentimental mementos. The process of storing our valuables was incredibly smooth and hassle-free. The utmost priority was placed on our safety, and the luxurious ambiance further enhanced our overall experience. We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Suriani, the senior administrator, whose diligent efforts ensured a truly pleasant and secure experience. Suriani's expertise and ............

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Lawrence Lau

If you are in search of a storage solution that offers both luxury and security, definitely choose STARVAULT. They went above and beyond what I expected. Have peace of mind knowing that my valuables are in the best hands possible, I would highly recommend this to my friends. Kudos to the entire team at STARVAULT for setting the bar so high!

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Protect what is Precious
Precious metal, Important Documents, Valuable items storage
  • 506 Chai Chee Ln, Singapore 469026
  • #01-01
  •  +65-66816631
  •  Office Opening Hours : Monday to Friday : 8:30am to 12pm and 1pm to 6pm Saturday by appointment only. Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays 24 hours Vault Access
To register for a safe deposit box with STARVAULT, you may fill in our move-in form.

If you would like a tour of STARVAULT, you may make an appointment with us.

Finally, for further enquiries: please call us at +65 66816631 or reach out using our contact form.

Currently, STARVAULT does not provide insurance for the items stored. Similar to banks, the main reason we do not is because what you store inside is private and confidential, and we cannot provide insurance for unknown items.

However, you can get your own insurer for the items stored in the Safe Deposit Box.
The minimum storage period is 1 month. We also have monthly and yearly payment plans. You can learn more about our storage fees here:
We are located at the BOXPARK building at 506 Chai Chee Lane #01-02.

The building is located on high grounds, 29 meters above water level. The vault is located on Level 1 just next to the passenger lift.

If you're looking for convenient locations for a storage facility in the east, STARVAULT is the perfect choice. View our detailed map and our office operating hours.
Yes, you can. To sign up, you need to come in person to sign up.  

You need the following:
  • A phone number (that we will verify by OTP)
  • An email address (which we likewise verify by OTP)
  • Your NRIC (for permanent residents), Work Permit (for foreigners working in Singapore), or Passport (for foreigners)

Automated Safe Deposit Box Service by STARVAULTAt STARVAULT, we have designed every step of the process to ensure the safety of the boxes in storage, the security and privacy of the premises when you come to access the box, and the data security of your identity that ensures no one but yourself has access to the box for an absolute peace of mind.Our reinforced security system includes the following:
  • We store the safe deposit boxes in a custom-built steel plate reinforced concrete vault and is off-limits to all staff and customers. The vault is kept locked at all times except during maintenance.
  • The storage area is monitored 24 hours by CCTV (at every corner of the vault) and also by an on-site security guard. CCTV system triggers the alarm instantaneously on unauthorized human intrusions, allowing for quick response to any unlikely intrusions.
  • By your request via a multi-layered access system (face recognition, card access, fingerprint, and PIN code), a robot brings your box directly to the secure private room where you can access your stored bullion, documents, and more.
  • To secure your administrative rights so that only authorized persons can access the box, STARVAULT requires OTP verification by email or phone for any change in user data or contract details. This ensures that nobody can add a user to your box or change your access without your knowledge and verification.
  • The entire building is also monitored by round-the-clock CCTV.
  • In addition, STARVAULT uses a professional gas suppression system in the vault to protect the safe deposit boxes from fire. In the unlikely event of a fire, the assets in the safe deposit boxes will not be damaged by water as there are no fire sprinkler pipes or water pipes in the vault.
Whether you want to store gold or other valuables, our vault storage will do everything to ensure the highest level of security for your items. Take a tour of our facilities today.
STARVAULT's Professional Fire Protection System
A safe deposit box is where you can store precious metals, valuables, items of sentimental value, important documents, such as:
  • Precious metals, coins and bullions (physical gold and silver storage) not exceeding 25kg in weight
  • Important documents such as birth certs, title deeds, marriage certs, etc.
  • Digital storage such as USB files or external hard drives containing important documents
  • Valuable belongings of great sentimental value such as photos, a class ring, heirlooms, etc.
  • Original Wills, living trust documents, power of attorney, etc.

In a typical manual safe deposit system, your identification is usually verified by staff or biometric scan, and then you will be escorted to your box in a room or a vault with hundreds or thousands of boxes by the security personnel. Your box must be opened using both your own key and the staff's key (also known as the dual locks/dual locking mechanism). You can then bring your safe box to a private room to access your items. After accessing your personal belongings, you will need to bring your box back to the room full of boxes and the staff/security will put the box back and lock it using both keys.

On the other hand, automated safety deposit boxes like STARVAULT's simplify the process and bring you into secure private viewing rooms, where you can view your items at your request via a multi-layer access control system using biometric scans, card access, pin and finally a physical key.
STARVAULT High Security Storage
Every single step of the operating procedure at Starvault is carefully crafted and thought through to ensure your security and the security of your assets. 

The Safe Deposit Boxes are stored in a custom built steel plates reinforced concrete vault and is off limits to all staff and customers. There is no staff or other customers loitering in close proximity to your box. 

The customer retrieves the Box via a multi layered access control system. The Customer needs to use his access card, pin code, finger print and finally a physical key to call the robot to retrieve the Box.

The Vault is monitored 24 hours by CCTV and security guard services. CCTV system triggers the alarm instantaneously on unauthorised human intrusions, allowing for quick response to any unlikely intrusions. 

The entire building is monitored by round the clock CCTV.

The STARVAULT Automated Safe Deposit Box System is a result of a collaboration between STARVAULT and Gunnebo Group, a global leader in security solutions. Gunnebo is a world leader in the design and installation of deposit box systems for banks and private operators at various locations throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

We are located at BOXPARK building at 506 Chai Chee Lane #01-02.

The building is located on high grounds, 29 meters above water level. The Vault is located on Level 1 just next to the passenger lift.

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The building that houses STARVAULT, 506 chai chee lane, is protected by a water sprinkler fire protection system.

STARVAULT uses a professional gas suppression system in the Vault to protect the safe deposit boxes from fire. In unlikely event of fire, the assets in the safe deposit boxes will not be damaged by water

As there are no fire sprinkler pipes or water pipes in the vault, there is also no risk of water damage.

The current space for STARVAULT has a 1 hour fire rating. This means that if there is a fire outside, it would take 1 hour to burn into the STARVAULT.

The general lobby and office of STARVAULT has a water sprinkler fire protection system.
The Vault itself has a gas suppression fire protection system. This is done to ensure that there are no water pipes inside the vault and there is no risk of the BOXes and the contents to be damaged by water from a pipe burst, or during a unlikely event of fire.