Flexible Contract

Our contract for safe deposit boxes is flexible; stay as short or as long as you wish with minimum period of 1 month storage. This private safe deposit service is suitable for both short term or long term secure storage.

State of the Art Surveillance and Alarm system

Our safe deposit is monitored round the clock by state of the art surveillance, alarm system and security guards. In addition, STARVAULT is just 3 minutes away from the police station, ensuring fast response to alarms at our secure storage

Professional Fire Protection

A gas suppression system is used inside the our safe deposit vault for fire protection. Protect your valuables from fire and water damage when using our highly secure vault services

Technology Governance

Your secure access to your valuables and safe deposit box is our utmost priority. Our vault has a multi layered access control system, OTP verification for change in user information. This is to ensure added security to your valuables.

Physical Security

The vault is secured by steel reinforced concrete vault with a 700kg vault door to secure safes and your belongings. This is a robot operated, man-less vault. Store your valuables with confidence using our safety deposit box service.


Access the private safety vault through a multi-layered access system at STARVAULT. The safe deposit box is brought to you in the privacy of the secure room via a robot, ensuring maximum privacy as you retrieve your valuables.

Convenient Access

You will never know when you would like to access your valuables that are secured at our vault. Our safety deposit vault is open all year-round, 24/7 so you can conveniently access your valuables at any time.

Air conditioned 24hrs

The safe deposit vault is serviced by air conditioning system round the clock. There are 2 sets of AC system installed for redundancy to ensure that your valuable items are stored at optimal condition at all times.